Payment for Session Fee (59.95) and Proof Fee (69.95) due at time of session. You get to keep the proofs!
Proofs are intended soley as an ordering tool and may not be copied, submitted to a yearbook or used
   for any other purpose. Proofs will be copy-protected by embossment.
All orders must be prepaid; include 6.875% MN tax. Cash, Check, VISA/MC accepted.
Minimum initial print order deposit for senior photo orders is: $199.95 Any unused balance will be a credit
  towards future orders.
Allow a minimum of 21 business days from date of paid order to receive prints.
  Seniors: YOU are responsible for meeting YOUR deadline & delivering your yearbook photo.
We do not release our work for outside duplication. If you plan on having photos taken at our studio, plan on
   having them printed here as well. All our work is copyrighted and may not be duplicated or transmitted in any
   way without prior written permission. We reserve the right to refuse to do business with, and will
   pursue all remedies against any person or organization violating our copyrights. Allowable exceptions:
  1. If you'd like to use a photo for non-commercial purposes such as a news article please just ask and in most
  2.       cases we'll grant a specific-use release in exchange for a photo credit.

  2. We are happy to fax releases for banquet posters or cake decorations to your printer or baker free of charge.
  1. Copy releases for photo greeting cards ONLY are available for $40 per specific image/print and will be
  2.       transmitted directly to the printer. Only previously ordered images will be released. No exceptions.

A $9 processing & lab return shipping fee will be added to all orders.
Your session's images will be kept on file a maximum of 6 months without an order.
  A nominal fee may be charged for retrieving images more than 12 months after date of original session.
We require a non-refundable pre-payment to reschedule a cancelled session.
  Prices & specifications effective 1/01/13. Subject to change without notice. 2013 Lori Mosby Photography