Some words about Retouching…..

WHAT IS "RETOUCHING"? Retouching is a process to correct or eliminate blemishes, shine, moles, scars, braces, tan lines, tattoos, acne, eyeglass glare etc., and/or to add or remove color, backgrounds, neutralize/ blend skin tones, removing stray hairs or filling in hair on the scalp, thickening hair, and to generally modify a image.

WHAT GOES INTO THE COST OF RETOUCHING? Digital retouching is an art unto itself. Retouchers are highly skilled artists who traditionally worked with air-brushes and paints directly on the surfaces of tiny negatives and valuable prints. These days, they use sophisticated computer programs to digitally manipulate the images according to our explicit instructions. It is time consuming and exacting work.

WHY DO YOU CHARGE EXTRA FOR THIS SERVICE? We feel it is unfair to charge our customers for something they might not need or want. Many studios simply build-in the cost of retouching into their overall pricing and spread the cost over all their customers. But not all photos need retouching-- in fact, many do not. This means that at most studios customers not needing retouching end up paying for it anyway… it’s passed along and often marked up significantly! Instead, we offer it at your option.

HOW DOES IT WORK? we digitally create a new image and make the prescribed corrections/additions/deletions. The creation fee is $18 and includes enough time to perform minor corrections on (1) person’s face. "Standard Retouching" is defined as removing minor blemishes and shine. Additional work is billed at $18/quarter hour per person and may include major corrections such as: removing moles, scars, braces, tan lines, tattoos, piercings, acne, eyeglass glare, backgrounds, neutralize/ blend skin tones, removing stray hairs or filling in hair on the scalp, thickening hair, etc.

WILL WE NEED TO PAY AGAIN IF WE ORDER MORE PRINTS FROM THE SAME IMAGE IN THE FUTURE? No! Once a digital image is created, you can have as many prints made from it as you wish with no additional retouching fees.

WHY DO YOU "ESTIMATE" RETOUCHING COSTS? Retouching costs are billed on a quarter hour basis, rounded up. On extensive retouching jobs we will review the work necessary and call you with a quote which we’ll submit to you before authorizing the work.

PLEASE NOTE: The extra work and steps involved with digital retouching generally adds a week to the turn-around time of photo orders, regardless of print size or quantity.