All photography is by Lori herself, not an inexperienced assistant! The artistry and technical expertise
   that you see in the beautiful portraits on this site and in our brochures is what you will get!
∑ No low "teaser" prices on sessions to lure you in, only to "gouge" you later on your print order!

∑ Simple, Straightforward & Reasonable pricing:
  We donít hide our prices until after youíve committed your money to us!

∑ No "nickel & dime" tactics with endless extra fees; No different "levels" of  photo sessions; 
  No expensive "upgrades"; Never an extra charge for outdoor or rain-date makeup shots.

∑ All our customers enjoy the same great deal at the same price: Everything we offer is included in
  every session!
∑ You always get to buy & keep the proofs!!! Never a high-pressure "viewing" or studio "presentation". 
  Make your purchase decisions in the privacy of your own home with relatives and friends!

Why not have a family portrait taken while everyone is still at home since we offer it as a free bonus?!!!

YOU have the right to choose US as your photographer regardless of any recommendation by 
  your school or agreement they have with a specific studio. We are familiar with all the 
  different yearbook formats based on our many years of experience.